We know that “After Builder” cleaning requires an acute understanding of the method needed to be followed in order to ensure we remove the maximum amount of dust. Simply dry dusting all surfaces will only result in all the dust resettling again shortly after the clean and so is of little benefit. The first step with any “After Builder” cleaning is to vacuum all ledges, surfaces, walls and floors, starting from the highest point. This way the majority of dust can be quickly collected. The next step is to wet wipe all of the same surfaces before the third and final step of dry wiping them. These steps will be followed before any further cleaning is carried out. By following these 3 easy to follow steps we are able to remove at least 95% of builder's dust.

Our fully trained staff have a number of years experience in carrying out after builders cleans. Whether it is for a commercial property, new home or new apartment/office block, we are available to assist. 

Once the Afterbuild clean has been completed, we will be happy to provide a quote for regular cleaning also. 



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