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Protecting the safety of staff and visitors has become an important aspect since the pandemic. Companies want to ensure their workspaces are clean and free from viruses to reduce the infection to others. Our specialised COVID-19 cleaning can do just that for you. 

Whilst conventional cleaning may leave surfaces appearing to be clean, it in fact produces cross-contamination. 

Using the latest Electrostatic Disinfection, the risk of cross contamination is automatically limited as this involves zero wiping. The disinfectant solution we spray instantly kills up to 99.999% of bacteria, spores, moulds, viruses and airborne pathogens, and remains active on hard surfaces for up to 30 days (even after conventional cleaning). 

We will then swab high-tough point areas for ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). This will allow us to verify just how clean your surfaces truly are and offer any further recommendations


Once the disinfection has been carried out, we will provide you with a certificate of disinfection to proudly display for your staff members and any visitors who may walk through your doors to see. 

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